Stretch with Ease Masterclass With Mihaela Griveva

I love extending into different stretches and feeling myself shake off the tensions of the week. After the class, I feel connected to joy, energy, and vitality.


Thank you so much for a wonderful class. I have never done anything like this before and it’s exactly what I need and want.


stretch with ease

A one hour masterclass that gives you a practical and focused approach to improving your flexibility and mobility.
1. How to stretch effectively?
2. How long should you hold a stretch?
3. When’s the best time to stretch?
4. How often should you stretch?
Mihaela will give you a series of exercises that you will be able to practice at your own paste and depending on your own needs.
At the end of the masterclass, I will answer any additional questions you might have about stretching.


The masterclass is €20.
Dancers who have joined previous dance classes with Mihaela will be able to avail of the special 50% discount.

Stretch with ease masterclass
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