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Movement Journal Mihaela Griveva

The Movement Journal is a project exploring dance and film. My desire to connect with new audiences led to exploration of different channels of distribution. Challenging my creativity I embarked on a journey posting daily videos on Social Media. Every video tells a story, apart from it I keep a written journal of the ideas and observation from the daily entries.

Excerpts from the project’s notes:

“I have an interesting observation from tonight’s session. I noticed depending on the pressure and intensity of the percussion my body became more open and accessible. “

“This past week was such a straggle. I couldn’t connect to my movement, couldn’t find my flow. And today it all came back. I’m learning so much from this experiment about my practice, creative process, connecting to myself, learning to love my “failures” and about social media too.” 

“Today was one of those days I felt all my edges.  Sometimes it feels harder to keep going with your daily practice and having little or no progress. From my experience the breakthrough happens from accumulating action and continuous effort. It’s easy to feel discouraged but you simply have to keep going, searching, discovering.”

“There are so many variables when dancing. Everything is constantly shifting. Where you are today will be different than where you’ll be tomorrow. Everyday the limits change. Be present.”

As a social experiment I use several different hashtags to mark and track the videos.
#MovementJournal #LateNightSessions #DanceHaiku #FindMeFindYourGroove

The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.

To see video entries, please visit here and follow my journey.


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May 8, 2017

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