Connect to your passion to dance

Connect to your passion to dance from the comfort of your home. Gain new skills to support you on your dance journey on and offstage.
Live-streamed on Zoom.
To be announced…

why dance from home

Stress-free environment, get personal feedback, connect with other dancers, nourish your body and mind.

Build Stamina

Increase your stamina and help your body manage stressful situations such as being on stage or on set for a longer period of time. Reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

Improve Dance Skills

Improve strength, balance and increase body sensitivity. Learn how to enrich your dance practice by using your imagination and focusing on your strengths.

Develop Growth Mindset

Embrace your challenges and transform them into opportunities. Cultivate and develop your qualities through effort and experience. Learn to value the process and stay curious.

Online Dance with Mihaela
Mihaela Griveva Video

mihaela’s approach

Mihaela’s mindful, sensitive and focused approach to dance can bring unexpected transformation both in your creativity and quality of movement. It is very important how we experience effort. In a dancer’s life everything is connected to great physical effort. When you re-program your brain to connect effort with pleasure the body and mind transform the movement in a more effective and natural way. Perceived limits fall away.

become the best dance version of yourself

Have a Zoom call with Mihaela to determine your goals.
Create a plan for action how best to support your dance career.

Online Klasses Participant Ana Petkova
Open Call Mihaela Griveva

what other students got to say

Discover what was the experience of other online students.

I wanted to thank you, your classes for me were a huge discovery. I think I have applied the curiosity and freedom towards our bodies and movements that we explored in class to other situations of my life and it is really freeing.

Adriana Sanjuan Andrés

I took workshop class with Mihaela Griveva at the beginning of the summer and I must say she gives such a mindful and self rewarding class. I’d highly recommend this to anyone, beginners or advanced!

Kathy Young

I love extending into different stretches and feeling myself shake off the tensions of the week. After the class, I feel connected to joy, energy, and vitality. 

Claire Flahavan


Drop-in class is €15

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