in-habit is a short film created with seven extraordinary dancers from Bulgaria. They took part in a week long workshop I gave during which we generated movement material for the project. Part of the research was based on habitual movement and making the conscious decision whether to keep it or change it. We played with transformation and imagination. Watching the dancers move inspired me to introduce the concept of a space where different species can meet and interact.

“All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways. This madness can be saving; it is part and parcel of the ability to adapt. Without it, no species would survive.”
― Yann Martel, Life of Pi

The space where we filmed the project has very interesting and diverse story. The Factory of Urban Art in Sofia was created from an old factory. Recently it was turned into a space for culture. Many different organizations and artists are resident in the building at present. ATOM Theatre kindly allowed us to use their space to film the project.

The raw and concrete characteristics of the space certainly challenged us technically and choreographically. Although the spirit of the building was perfect for the atmosphere I wanted, the rough surfaces were far from ideal. The dancers were fearless though and by the time we had wrapped up several had bloodied limbs and torn clothing. An embodiment of their commitment.


To see your work breath and taken on a journey of its own by the dancers you work with is beyond comparison. As a choreographer I was truly inspired by their passion and creativity. Their trust, willingness to invest, level of engagement, talent and persistence made the project possible.

I am very grateful to the beautiful dancers Kristin Zlatanova, Diana Gorbanova, Vladimir Gruev, Tzvetina Matova, Diana Alexandrova, Georgi Panayotov, Kristina Veselinova and film crew Vladislava Popova, and Vladimir Freax Gruev and photographer Radostina Stankova for their work and generosity.

See the video here.

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