Starting next week I’ve been invited by Laura Murphy (Cork’s Dancer in Residence) to give three improvisation classes at the Firkin Crane. The classes are suitable for dancers, actors, performance artists, circus artists and people interested in movement and improvisation.



Based on Instant Composition my classes are designed to identify blockages within your body and help you reconnect with the joy of movement.

Adding liveliness to your dance and using fantasy and imagination brings a whole new dimension to your performance. Connecting to your authenticity, playfulness and recognizing patterns in your movement leads to exceptional results in performance. You’ll learn how to use the above to generate new ideas, find new solutions, and expand your movement vocabulary beyond the familiar.

If you would like to attend please come along on the day. There is a nominal fee of €5.

The classes are subsidised by the Firkin Crane professional dance classes programme hosted by Cork’s Dancer in Residence and supported by Cork City Council, Arts Council and Firkin Crane.

Photo by Radostina Stankova

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