My recent engagements included lecturing at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts and the Theatre College Luben Groys in Sofia, Bulgaria. The theme of my lecture was “How to Introduce Yourself as an Artist on the Web”. Most of the attendees were dancers and actors. Through research and my own experience I related the main aspects of how you can use the web to promote yourself and your art.

The presentation included topics such as:

  • The transition between being a student and a professional
  • How to use the web to your advantage
  • Maintaining a professional presence on the web
  • Using Social Media

Nowadays the world is your stage. Through the web you can promote yourself wide and far and in the manner you choose. It is inevitable that people will judge you by your image. By planning and controlling your online presence you can control how you are perceived.

There are many platforms that help you to create websites and profiles for free. Having a website makes it easy for people to collaborate, support and engage with you. You always have to keep the information up to date and promote yourself professionally. The best investment is in yourself, don’t hesitate to introduce your art to the audience on the web.

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Photographer: Svetlin Popov

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