It’s the time of year to look back and think about what you’ve learned and achieved and decide what’s next.

There is nothing better than to kick-start а new year surrounded by talented, focused and determined people. That’s why I’m giving a workshop from 5th-9th of January at Derida Dance Centre. To share space with creative individuals looking to gain new skills and surpass their limits is a recipe for success.

The Beyond Technique workshop is designed to address the specific needs of dancers and performers trying to get to the next level. It will help you gain confidence, improve your dance skills, regulate stress response and enhance creative thinking. In one short week I will change the way you think and the way you move.

I’ve published a new website with more details about the workshop. If you’ve been struggling to advance in your career as a dancer please take a look. Only fifteen participants will have the chance to join. This is to guarantee that you will avail of my personal attention and guidance. So reserve your place early here.

Check it out and see how I can help you:

Happy Holidays!

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