Mihaela Griveva is a choreographer, teacher, dancer, entrepreneur and mentor. Based between Bulgaria, Ireland and Mallorca she has travelled extensively through Europe and Asia studying with some of the most preeminent contemporary choreographers. Mihaela’s dance practice has gradually moved from the studio into nature. Exploring new impulses and connections with the environment. The new pathway is informing and enriching her dance research, as well as bringing new questions to the surface.

Mihaela’s passion for teaching and helping students reach their full potential inspired her to develop Beyond Technique Workshop. Individually tailored to the specific needs of professional dancers and performers. Her desire to find new ways to make dance accessible to all let to the development of The Joy Of Dance. Dance classes based on finding pleasure and fun through movement.

Mihaela is founder and editor of www.dancingopportunities.com. Dancing Opportunities is an evolving project promoting dance, and creating a resource and network for dance artists. With over 90,000+ visits to the site each month, it gives her a lot of satisfaction to be helping other dancers while developing her own career.

Beyond Technique Workshop

Discover your unique advantage, build confidence and improve dance skills. Perceived limits fall apart.

Online Dance Classes

Feel comfortable and happy in your own body now. Improve your range of motion and experience freedom through dance.

Online Coaching

Improve your dance skills and increase your confidence from the comfort of your home. One on one online coaching.

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