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About Mihaela Griveva

My interest in contemporary dance started as a way to synthesise the variety of movement practices I enjoy and study. Since completing an MA in Contemporary Dance Performance I’ve spent the following years developing my knowledge and technique. Studying with Ohad Naharin, Martin Kilvadi, Keren Rosenberg and David Zambrano expanded my ability, curiosity and desire to find new ways to exceed what I thought were my limits.

I love working with people whose approach to dance is happiness and pleasure. It is very important how we experience effort. In a dancer’s life everything is connected to great physical effort. When you re-program your brain to connect effort with pleasure the body and mind transform the movement in a more effective and natural way. Perceived limits fall away.

I’m also founder and editor of www.dancingopportunities.com. In its sixth year now Dancing Opportunities is an evolving project promoting dance, and creating a resource and network for dance artists. With over 90,000 visits to the site each month it gives me a lot of satisfaction to be helping other dancers while developing my own career.


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