Mihaela Griveva is a choreographer, teacher, dancer, entrepreneur, mentor and opportunity discoverer. Based in Ireland she has extensively traveled through Europe and Asia studying with some of the most preeminent contemporary choreographers.

Mihaela’s passion for teaching and helping students reach their full potential inspired her to develop Beyond Technique Workshop. Individually tailored to the specific needs of  professional dancers and performers. Her desire to find new ways to make dance accessible to all let to the development of The Joy Of Dance. Dance classes based on finding pleasure and fun through movement.

Mihaela is founder and editor of www.dancingopportunities.com. In its fifth year now Dancing Opportunities is an evolving project promoting dance, and creating a resource and network for emerging artists. With over 80,000+ visits to the site each month it gives her a lot of satisfaction to be helping other dancers while developing her own career.

Beyond Technique Workshop

Discover your unique advantage, build confidence and improve dance skills. Perceived limits fall apart.

The Joy Of Dance Workshop

Feel comfortable and happy in your own body now. Improve your range of motion and experience freedom through dance.

Online Coaching

Improve your dance skills and increase your confidence from the comfort of your home. One on one online coaching.

Three Things That Will Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Три неща, които ще подобрят качеството на живота  ви (for English version scroll down) Като преподавател по танци моите ученици често ме питат за съвети за здравословен и балансиран живот. От опита ми с различни движенчески и танцови техники забелязах полезни,...
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Dynamic Change Workshop With Iñaki Azpilaga

For the past couple of years, during the summer, I've traveled to take dance workshops. Intensives that I've found challenging and inspiring have included Deltebre Dansa, Gaga Summer Intensive, Amsterdam Summer Intensive and the China - CEEC Summer Dance Camp. This...
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Beyond Technique Workshop In Bulgaria

Beyond Technique workshop is coming to Bulgaria. Connect to your passion and enter the zone of optimal performance. When: 16 – 20 May 2016 Where: Derida Dance Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria Time: 12.00 - 15.00 H Do you feel close to truly excelling in your performances but...
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Beyond Technique Workshop In France

Join me in France and let's play on the edge of what we think we can do by unlocking the power of our hidden potential. This April I'll be teaching a Beyond Technique Workshop in Grenoble. The workshop covers essential skills and knowledge to prepare you mentally and...
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Feast With A Demon

Feast with a Demon was created as a part of a residency at Derida Dance Centre, Bulgaria. Research on the project was inspired by the idea of accessing the duality in ones character as a creative force. The original Greek word daimon (demon) doesn’t carry the negative...
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I’ve been lucky to participate in two workshops given by Mihaela during which I connected to my inner self and to the pure happiness of dance. I gained a higher awareness of my body and improved the way I express myself through it. I achieved a higher level of consciousness and surpassed my comfort zone. 

Georgi Panayotov

Dancer / Participant in Beyond Technque

In a relatively short time I experienced a large amount of information, sensation and reflection applicable to both dance and life. I would even say a new way of thinking, a new understanding of the body. All of it presented in a quiet and gentle way. Kristina Veselinova

Dancer / Participant in Beyond Technique

I recommend this workshop to any dancer who sees them self as a curious explorer of the internal sense of movement and space. What I liked about this workshop is that it worked on more than one level. I learned that effort equals pleasure. I discovered a different starting point to inspire my dance, an inner sense of movement.

Vera Molova

Dancer / Participant in Beyond Tehcnique Workshop